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Blonde on a there any better combination?  It's the wife from the Netherlands again and just as good.

Teresa....big smile on a beautiful wife

Jill....our most loyal contributor sends more

Another hot redhead named Allison

Cheryl a yellow tank top.

Jill......I like the way she dresses to get her nails polished will want to see more than her smile have to see her smile. Blonde smiling - always a good thing.

Jill...if you think we post too many of her I have two thoughts for you; are you sure you are on the right website for your tastes and why don't you send some pictures of your wife?

Jill new pictures and everyone of them is better than the previous one

Louise from the UK...blonde with sunglasses. you add a tan and a pair of sunglasses and you get what looks like a vacation

Jill at baseball game.....sure it's a Phillies game but no one is perfect...but if you see her picture you may disagree

Jill posing in a hotel hallway. Even a hallway looks good when this brunette wife is in it.

Big Smile....a great looking blonde with great smile

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Wife Pictures.....Netherland blonde looks great driving the boat. It may be the may be the green decide. bikini on the beach...

 Samantha....blonde wearing  blue jeans and a red top with great message.

Allison...the redhead with the great smile sends more of her great photos

Melissa.....I would stay after school with this teacher any day.

Wife a bikini. Hopefully not at us.


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