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"Enjoy" was all he said about his wife. So we will call her just that - enjoy! 

wife sitting by herself
If this isn't an angelic pose I have never seen one. My first impression of this picture was - if these are the women who aren't dancing I sure want to see the ones who are getting the men to dance. I am thinking this is either a wedding or the best looking chapter of the Red Hat Society I have ever seen!
brides maids dancing
Now she shows her dance moves but again I have to wonder; Are all the men blind at this party? She is forced to dance with a woman. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

purple dress party

 One last thought. Do you think there was an incredible sale on purple dresses or are they bride's maids? Married bride's maids would explain the dancing with each other but it still doesn't explain her sitting by herself in the first picture.

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