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Wife pictures and girlfriend photos of your favorite wife, girlfriend or female friend.  The wives, girlfriends and friends pictures are reader submitted and updated constantly.
Send us pictures of your wife or girlfriend. We always need more ! Click here to send. you like blondes in mini skirts? Do you like them on stairs? Do you like them in jeans? If you do these are the wife photos for you

Wife going out for her birthday looking very good of wife in blue jeans

Brandy...would you ride a motorcycle with her? Check out her photos and tell us

Blonde beautiful English wife...she could've stopped us from the revolution.

More of our favorite wife....she sends the most of course she is our favorite

Jill......never disappoints when her husband sends pictures

Lori...out on the water enjoying the Summertime

Jill....more pictures of this lovely wife in a mini skirt

Blonde wife dancing with another blonde

More Jill Pictures......can we ever have enough?

Melanie.....a wife picture from England

More Melanie pictures from England

Three pictures of his girlfriend

Samantha...selfies of a dark haired wife

Jill.....she is at The Gold and Silver Pawn Shop famous from the TV show Pawn Stars you will want to see

Jennifer......several photos of a new contributor

Jill.....more pictures of her in mini dresses

Elizabeth..... a lovely wife in a great little black dress

Jill....looking great at work as always. Did you miss her?

Truck..a wife poses in front of a very nice truck of her at at parties. Wouldn't you like to see her pics?

Wife at the office and pictures at a Colorado Rockies baseball game

brunette wife pictures in tank top

Ellen....her dark hair and big smile makes it well worth a look at her photos

Natalia... long dark hair and big brown eyes....not a bad combination when posing a wife for pictures

Valerie ... picture from Valerie. I want to know where she got the patio table? Okay so I have been marrried a long long time but hey it's a very nice table.

Relaxing ..wife in business suit is one of my favorite looks. Check her pictures and tell me what you think.

Pictures ....if you like a wife all dressed up and looking great, you will love these wife pictures

Pink a pink fitting is that?

Kelly...a little wife on her honeymoon

Check this teacher out......if your teachers looked like this I am guessing you are still in school!

Great wife pictures if you like tank tops, camo pants, hot tubs and bikinis

Brunette in London...two great wife pictures in England

Joyce...brunette wife was nice enough to send us photos.

Maureen..the softer side of a very nice looking woman who owns a great fire pit.

Blonde on a there any better combination?  It's the wife from the Netherlands again and just as good.

Teresa....big smile on a beautiful wife

Jill....our most loyal contributor sends more


Patty.....back by popular demand. You should of demanded sooner!

First Time .......a new wife sends photos jeans and mini skirts are a good look for her and these wife pictures prove it

Melissa....big smile in a cold pool. Her pictures are worth a look.

Bride on her wedding day. I can tell by the white dress and veil.


Are you guys shy? Send us pictures of your wife or girlfriend. We always need more ! Click here to send. It's your duty as husband to a beautiful woman!